SAC® is a full line supplier to milk producers locally and globally. SAC® develops and produces the future’s milking parlours and equipment for milk producers who need flexible and user-friendly solutions based on uncompromising quality and continuous service. On-going cooperation with leading research institutions means SAC discovers new solutions, and offers them to the farmer sooner.

AGRIPRO now proudly offers SAC® in all areas of milk harvesting for cows, goats and sheep. Whichever milk harvesting system you require standard, automated, rotary or robotic, SAC® will deliver the positive difference your dairy enterprise seeks today.

Whether it’s spare milk ware parts, a milk plant upgrade, a new dairy shed, or you’re considering robotic milking, SAC® has the solution for you.

SAC® has a long tradition of working with and serving milk producers who farm indoors through much of the year. Discuss how incorporating SAC® global milking knowledge and AGRIPRO’s cow barn knowledge and leading building options can increase your milk flow and reduce your operation costs.

A highlight for SAC® is doubling robotic milking efficiency. The SAC® RDS FUTURELINE II is a robotic twin box system where one robot milks two cows at once. This is a game changer in every sense, and you will be doubly pleased with what it can do for your bottom line, with reduced start-up costs, increased milk production, herd management and performance efficiencies.


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