The DairyPower® Slurry Aeration system is now established as being the most cost effective and environmentally friendly methods of keeping slurry in a homogenous pumpable state that is always ready to spread.

The introduction of air into the storage tank has two main effects on the slurry – the physical action of rising air bubbles becomes a very effective method of mixing and odour reduction by the promotion of aerobic bacteria which digest toxins, fatty acids and ammonia and reduce the biological oxygen demand of the slurry. The DairyPower® Slurry Aeration system is perfectly capable of mixing heavily crusted slurries. The DairyPower® Slurry Aeration system can be installed in concrete tanks, and in-ground ponds.

The DairyPower® Slurry Aeration system is simple by using only a low energy consumption electric motor and roots blower pump, electric rotary valves and SDF- closing neoprene non-return outlet valve. All the piping is 50mm non-degradable class D UPVC, which neither corrodes nor degrades.

The system introduced to the Irish market in 1998 is now established as a market leader in Ireland with over 200 systems in operation. The system is approved by the Irish Department of Agriculture with 16 aerated slurry tanks in operation on the Government Research (Teagasc) farms. The system has been exported into the U.K.

The DairyPower® Slurry Aeration system is fully automated, typically run for 3 – 4 every 24 hours. Running costs ranging from  $1.80 – $2.30 per day

The DairyPower® Slurry Aeration System offers:

  • A more refined and enriched FDE slurry
  • Reduced odours and gases during storage and spreading
  • Big savings on Fertilizer
  • FDE slurry is maintained in a homogeneous, easy-to-manage state
  • Easy measurement and management with – total consistency of slurry character and nutrient distribution
  • Increased uptake by plant for best plant regrowth rate after spreading
  • Low maintenance – no mechanical parts are in contact with the slurry, no risk of damage to the store
  • Does not “tie up” a tractor
  • Low capital cost
  • Low running costs

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