Your herd and bottom line deserves the best treatment available.

Cleaner, healthier cows are more profitable cows. The Teat Sanicleanse System washes, sanitises, dries and stimulates in quick time every time. A consistent and easy to use teat preparation system which increases hygiene, milk quality and saves valuable time with faster milk let down.

The  Teat Sanicleanse System provides total compliance with NZCP1; Code of Practice for the Design and Operation of Farm Dairies V5, Amdt 2. Protection Of Milk Quality Clause 7.11 Teat Preparation.

Did you you know every 100,000 SCC represents a loss of 2% of total milk production?
Source New Zealand Ministry Primary Industries

Teat Sanicleanse System offers:

  • Improved teat condition and cow health
  • Equal and efficient teat preparation
  • Consistent cleaning
  • Time saving
  • Cost saving
  • Increased cow and worker hygiene
  • Superior stimulation
  • >Lower Somatic Cell Counts
  • Excellent return on investment


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