New Agpro® Wave Flush wash system cleans with the press of a button.

The new Agpro® flush cleaning system for dairy holding yards, cow barn alleys and feed pads is designed to save time, labour and water with the press of a button. The flush cleaning system minimises clean water use and ensures waste water is recycled and used to its full potential before being sent to effluent ponds.

Cleaning the yard is as simple as pressing a button.
A flood wash is started by pushing a button on the control unit which can be located anywhere in the dairy, cow barn or feed pad. Once the button is pressed the flood wash cycle starts and operates automatically. The flush cleaning system works by using a high volume flush pump to pump flush liquid into a large diameter underground flush line attached to specially designed “pop up” flush valves installed at the head of the concreted area requiring on gong cleaning.

The system.
Flush wash systems can draw water for use from receptacle pits, effluent pond, and storm water reservoirs. The source options are an important consideration in the design of your system to ensure that flush liquid quality is maintained. The system is usually set up as a “closed loop” so that liquid is pumped from a reception pit and recirculated back to the same pit. Therefore there is no limitation to the amount of the cleaning flush liquid available or the duration of the flush, which is not the case with gravity flood washing using flood wash tanks. The Wave Flush system is also available with rotating valve to help you wash more than one area with the same valve.

Labour savings.
Compared to fixed hydrants and many other yard wash systems, the labour saving is significant.It must be nice not having to worry about cleaning the yard after milking. Simply press the start button and carry on with other work around the dairy or cow barn while the yard is automatically washed. On average save ½ to ¾ of an hour per milking while remaining effective in wash downs. The reduction in water use and flexibility of the system also makes this the obvious way of the future.

When recycled effluent liquid is pumped to fixed hydrants at pressure the vapour released at the hydrant can contain pathogens which can be dangerous if inhaled by operators. The flush valve system minimises any health and safety risks associated with using recycled effluent for yard cleaning. The flush valve is operated remotely, therefore removing operators from the any dangerous vapours of the recycled effluent liquid.

Agpro® flush cleaning system offers:

  • Saves time, clean water, labour and money
  • Reduced water requirements
  • Always have water for wash downs even when levels get low
  • Always returns to its original shape
  • Removes all debris from concrete
  • Ideal for cow barn milking
  • Clean alley’s, clean hooves, clean beds, clean udder
  • Galvanized steel construction
  • Easy to retro fit
  • Delivery to site
  • Installation


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Click on the video below for more information about the Agpro® wave flush cleaning systems: