The most cow friendly cubicle.

The Release® Cubicle is easily the most cow friendly cubicle on today’s market. Simple design and highest quality construction, using longer lasting materials makes this system the most suitable cubicle system for the cow barn environment. Easy installation, using adjustable single flexible longer lasting synthetic tube for the divider and for the shoulder rail, which optimises your long term investment. Cows do not hurt themselves and cannot get stuck under the cubicle. This provides a higher level of cow confidence and comfort.

Cows find steel uncomfortable because it is unforgiving and cold to touch.
The approved composite flex piping of the Release®  Cubicle removes these comfort barriers. Combined with correct stall dimensions, this allows the cows increased flexibility to easily rise and settle, encouraging cows to readily rest for longer periods. While  preventing painful cow injuries that are associated with the use of the historic steel tubing stalls.

Flexibility equals comfort and space. 
Release® Cubicle  flex’s under the weight of the cow, comfortably borrowing space from her neighbour without any discomfort to both animals.The stall fits to the size of the cow; the cow lies perfectly in the cubicle, resting for longer periods, promoting natural behaviours.

The easiest installation.
The cubicle contains an animal-friendly flexible tube of highest quality synthetic material. The tube is connected to the main hot dipped Galavanized steel post in the front. The curved post creates a strong overall structure. The adjustable tree wither is connected at the horizontal portion of the curved post. The construction provides enough freedom for the cow.

Release® Cubicle offers:

  • Inviting material through pipe temperature and flex
  • More space
  • Fits to the size of the cows
  • No injuries to the cow
  • Fits to the size of the cows
  • Cow lies perfectly in the cubicles
  • Cow rests sooner
  • Cow rests for longer
  • Increased cow welfare
  • Increased quality milk production
  • Less veterinarian costs
  • Easy installation
  • Adjustable


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