AGRICOW® release their unrivalled ergonomically advanced motorised hoof treatment cattle crush.

Constant research and development with professional farriers in the pursuit of an accurate, safe and effortless hoof treatment cow crush has rewarded AGRICOW® yet again with another champion cow comfort product. AGRICOW® offer their unrivalled ergonomically efficient motorised hoof treatment cow crush. This advanced motorised hoof treatment cow crush offers individual motors, pads and ropes designated to each leg of the cow. Meaning the farmer has total control of the entire hoof treatment, ensuring increased comfort and removing the risks of harm to the cow and the farmer throughout the entire treatment of the cows hooves.

Designed around the natural movement of the cow to safely neutralise any risks.
The ergonomics of the machine has been optimised, to offer the best performance for the different sizes of animals, from bigger to smaller to prevent and avoid injuries to hocks, tendons and ligaments while allowing the farmer to work safely, efficiently and with precision. The design has removed obstacles and offers the farmer the freedom to manoeuvre the cow to exacting positions which is crucial to managing the operations on the limb without effort and suffering. Because the cow can be efficinetly restrianed with more accuracy and care, the refreshed design has strategically removed the traditional bulk of cow crushes to optimise the over all structure for ease of handling and transport. Manufactured in Italy from Galvanized steel and weighs 450kgs.

AGRICOW®  motorised hoof treatment cow crush offers:

  • Total control
  • More settled cows
  • Safer for cow and farmer
  • Allows for precise treatment
  • Faster treatment times
  • Saves on manual labour
  • Reduces veterinarian and herd management costs
  • Galavnized steel construction
  • Weather proof
  • Exclusive safety features


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