Production Per Square Metre – The Do’s & Don’ts

When optimising potential, ensure the business solutions you purchase increase your performance and profitability positively and for as long as they practically can. 

Business first. Maximising your investment with synergy. To help you optimise the potential in your farming enterprise AGRIPRO works through the details that will become your long term custom building solution, tailored to meet your expectations, farm needs and site specific requirements. Because your project is unique, and the synergy required between the site, building and animals is critical your solution is tested by our various strands of expertise qualifying and quantifying the design with their unique industry tools and experience. This is what maximises your investment; proven performance.


Don’t skimp on space and comfort.
Your animals comfort is what you profit on. This is a basic extension of why you are considering bringing them indoors in the first place. Provide adequate space and comfort for extremely healthy animals.

Don’t restrict natural light delivery.
Measure how much sunlight is required for natural bodily health, function and maintenance in ruminating animals’ fertility for one. Get this wrong in the beginning and there will be extra costs associated with your animal housing facility, in more ways than one.

Don’t restrict natural feeding patterns.
Don’t make the animal have to over exert themselves and bare strain or injury simply to feed. Ensure this process is natural by not restricting natural feeding patterns and methods which come naturally to the animal. Ensure maximum feed conversion firstly by acceptance and then conversion. To do this, ensure adequate feed is delivered to the animal in away that makes it easy for them to accept. The animal should not have to over exert themselves and bare strain or injury to eat.


Dont think there wont be a minimum standard upheld by law in the forseeable future for the design and use of animal housing facilities. Allow for the next advantage that is borne by personal and industry experience with unobstructed space in your building. Remove the currently accepted obstacles now. Allow for space. Always cheaper to build today than tomorrow.

Light Weight Steel – Heavy Weight Environment?
Don’t use cold form C sections for legs or rafters.
This profile requires members to fixed back to back. This causes the metal to sweat and will be the first place rust will occur. Not convinced look at any old iron roofing, and you will see that the rust occurs at the laps; because the iron is ‘sweating.’

Don’t use cold form steel as a structural component.
The Galvanized finish is untested for these low lying, highly corrosive environments. The manufacturer has strict specification and placement criteria s for warranties. Your building will doubtfully be covered by any warranty if used in the intended way.

Don’t think 50 years is bugger all.
This is the length of time the building that you are going to build has to structurally perform to the very last day. That’s right, as it was meant to perform from day one. How do you insure this from a legislative and investment point of view?

Don’t think the she’ll be right till tomorrow.
Territorial building authority will not turn a blind eye to the condition of your steel work which makes up the structure of your livestock housing. Current law prescribes commercial buildings to achieve a current warrant of fitness; your new livestock housing will be required in the forseeable future to achieve the same. This will be achieved by them on the basis as all building law: to protect your neighbours from your building activity, to protect you from your neighbours building activity, to protect ourselves form our own building activity.

Don’t use paint to protect your steel structure.
Paint fails hugely when compared to hot dip Galvanizing. It is prone to damage through out the transport to site, the construction sequence and any mechanical impact through out its life let a ,lone animals rubbing it off, natural acids found in excrement and feeds. Maintaining something which required a highly controlled environment to secure a warrantable finish will be close to impossible to repair when in situ.

Paint Costs. Don’t think it will be cheap to fix.
Grinding and repaint your steel work in ten years time will be costly, let alone the resources to ensure they are not back in three years. The disruption to your valuable time should be enough of a put off.


Don’t use flat trusse rafters. They are will become very expensive in the long run.
Your animal housing facility provides an instant source of shelter, warmth and food trusse rafters act as a gateways to birds by giving them perching and roosting opportunities. Once they are in they will return; you know the story. Birds are a real Bio-Security threat to your animal housing operation as they are known carriers of unwanted pathogens, and given the nature of the bird these threats can come from afar overnight. Any pathogenic outbreak of any sort will be costly even deadly to your enterprise, your neighbours and the national industry.
Adding to that…
The by-products from eating your animal’s food and the foods they will introduce to the building will be left on your steel work causing degradation to steel finishes and the newly exposed steel. You will require costly maintenance to your structure within ten years.

Don’t think it will be easy monitor and clean these areas.
C-section purlins: regardless of which way they are facing, this profile allows for various dusts, moisture, and perches for birds and there by products coupled with the constant warm humid air circulation providing a real opportunity for harmful populations which could affect your population below, and subsequent production. Quarantine is not an option for any business model. This is also applicable to C section rafters.

Don’t use C Section purlins over rafter.
These are best fitted between the rafters verses above. This allows secure space for the unwanted to establish homes in the junction on the upper slope against the purlin.


This available by removing the ‘black art’ from your livestock housing investment. You wouldn’t go to tractor mechanic for a tooth filling. So why go to a concrete placer or a steel fabricator for that matter when you want housing for your livestock that will protect them and increase farm profitability?

When you purchase from AGRIPRO you are purchasing sincerity, quality, farming insurance you’re your purchasing responsibly. AGRIPRO delivers these values by replacing the ‘black art’ which is often associated with emerging industries with sustainability built into a high performing building through design and material selection. This means the farmer is rewarded daily from the single investment, from thriving livestock and a farming system that helps iron out the negative farm out puts.

Your enterprise is special. Your solution unique.

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