AGRIPRO visited over 30 dairy cow barns in the lower South Island last year. These visits provided credible sources of information directly from the cow barn owners and end users. It also presented a darker side, which many of the earlier cow barns are faced with.

Inadequately designed and equipped free stall cubicles are doing more damage than good to the dairy cow’s welfare and their potential milk production. One farmer quoted” I have to let the cows out of the cow barn onto the pasture, every third day, so they can recover from being housed in here.” At this stage the farmer is considering what retro fitting options are available to remedy the problem and get the dairy herd back into shape and bring potential production back into sight. And as the farmer say’s “the sooner the better.”

Existing problems are fixable and avoidable. 
The problems while they are fixable, are also avoidable, in this case they stem from inadequate stall dimensions being compounded by the cubicles being equipped with poor cow bedding and stall dividing products. Needless to say this is preventable and less expensive by getting it right in the beginning. A cow barn should protect your livestock and increase your profits for the long term.

Barn planning and retro fitting options available here.
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