SAC® RDS FUTURELINE II robotic twin box system is very Efficient and very Effective.

The SAC® robotic dairy system increases the profitability of the milk producers investment with the obvious advantage of milking two cows at once 24/7, 365 days of the year. The SAC® RDS FUTURELINE II offers on-going advantages to your milk production system with a single investment. The benefits offered by the SAC® RDS FUTURELINE II are reduced set up and running costs, up to the minute information about every cow, at every milking, consistent milk quality; and more importantly the SAC® robotic dairy system allows more time to complete other high value farming business.

Doing things right to produce consistent and rapid results, this also contributes to how long it takes for the business to get back the money it is owed on its internal investments.

Doing the right things to produce the results you want. Knowledge is key to being effective. Imagine having a herd test done every milking? With accurate information from every milking you can make the most informed decisions about every cow and the milking herd as a whole. Isolate inherent risks, maintain milk quality, and extract more quality milk without any extra inputs, while achieving natural rhythm of life.


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