An intelligent control of your flush system, flush at preset times with push button and preset clock timer options.

The flush valve controllers are to be mounted near the flush valves. The FV 400 will operate four flush valves. Each flush valve will operate up to 12 times a day. The user will program the flush time, duration and days to flush. The flushing time can be any time day or night. The FV 400 valves can be programmed to flush in sequence.The timer will turn on and off four flush valves on pre-programmed times, manual flush is available using external switch, manual start, sequenced flush is available, the timer will keep and display the ‘on’ time for each day for each flush valve.

Agpro®  Timer FV 100— Controls 1 Flush Valve
Agpro®  Timer FV 200— Controls 2 Flush Valve
Agpro®  Timer FV 400— Controls 4 Flush Valve


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