Light is an essential element to your cow’s life rhythm.

A lot of research has been undertaken with lighting and the life rhythm of a cow. This research is purporting 5-12% increases in milk production simply by having the correct light levels and light/darkness cycles in place while cows are housed.

Regardless of your production targets and ROI expectations, your barn requires quality lighting, for cow comfort, worker safety and herd management. Traditionally lighting has been provided by seemingly prehistoric technology when compared to what LED lighting systems can offer management.

Exceptional ROI with huge ongoing savings on energy and maintenance costs.
Estimated running cost per hour $0.98 or $1,097.32 at 10 hours per day for 4 months.
Compared to…
400W ConTempo’s estimated running cost per hour $3.496 or $4,195.20 at 10 hours per day for 4 months.

LED Lighting systems offer:

  • Energy savings of up to 65-80%
  • Next to zero maintenance for 10 years full time use
  • 50,000 hours before light quality depreciation
  • Fully adjustable mounting bracket – no chains or swinging lights
  • Full protection from volatile, moist barn environment
  • Total control with dimmable option
  • Increased cow welfare and milk production
  • A range of options to suit your herd size and budget

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