Don’t think of this as just another shed. Think of this as your livelihood. Correct delivery of “natural” space, air and light are critical, for sustainable cow comfort and increased production.

Great cow barns start with great planning.  Only a high performance building will increase your farming yields and outcomes while removing negative out puts. AGRIPRO will design the complete animal housing facility regardless of its simplicity or complexity, to fit your farming needs and business while keeping the whole farm in mind with provision for future expansion.

Combine your purchase demands, proposed site elements with the very latest developments in veterinary and building science, and animal comfort technology.
With your insight, our expertise and unique local and global network, your new high performance building can be best it can be, while remaining within budget and site criteria’s. Making your investment into animal housing responsible, sustainable, and your farming targets achievable.

AGRIPRO in house design offers:

  • Custom design
  • Standard cow barn designs
  • Free phone consultancy
  • Site visits
  • CAD draughting
  • 3D modelling
  • Engineering
  • Building consent documentation
  • Council consent process management


Call AGRIPRO to discuss your livestock and farm building needs today on 0800 48 36 36.