AGRIPRO® rubber matting is an essential system for cattle on concrete the making it the perfect finish for Herd Home® Shelters. 
A well-known and ignored fact is cows are not adapted to stand or walk on hard abrasive surfaces for extended periods of time. Eliminate the need for straw; save time, money and manure bunker space.

Concrete flooring reduces animal welfare.
Concrete inhibits the cows normal locomotion, increasing risk of serious and costly injuries from strain, slipping and falling, and by increasing the risk of lameness and hoof disorders. To secure natural cow behaviours and ensure optimum cow welfare and comfort, the flooring must be compressible and provide good traction, for confident natural behaviour. Rubber flooring has been proven increase herd flow, weight gains for beef, milk production and harvest times, while reducing lameness, herd cull rates and veterinarian costs.

Installing AGRIPRO® slat rubber matting will also give your cows and calves the security to display all important natural behaviours. Walking, lunging, rising, straddling and calving are undertaken without restriction.

Suitable for Herd Home® Shelters.
Increase the overall efficiency and optimise your Herd Home® Shelter by installing AGRIPRO® slat rubber matting. Remove the costly purchase, shipping, storage and time in handling of straw to protect your cows and calves from the concrete slat flooring. The purchase and installation of AGRIPRO®  slat rubber matting also means the life of your effluent bunkers storage capacity will be extended before the need of costly clean outs.

AGRIPRO®  slat rubber for Herd Home® Shelters offers:

  • Promotes natural animal behaviours
  • Increased animal welfare
  • Increased milk production
  • Increased weight gains
  • Reduces lameness
  • Superior 19 and 23mm studded virgin rubber options
  • Split mat design for easy installation and maintenance
  • Reduces the costs of straw and its management
  • Saves bunker space and clean out costs
  • Custom detail cutting: e.g. narrower slat holes are popular
  • Hold down system options include wedge and masonry anchor


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