The brisket board provides for natural resting behaviours while guiding and locating your cows exactly where need them.

The brisket board aids in the indexing of the cow when it lunges into position for natural lying and resting behaviours in free stall situation. Guiding the cow into the ideal location for comfort and hygiene. This is important to achieve and maintain clean, waste free, free stalls, while reducing labour costs and increasing cow welfare through cleanliness, comfort and resting.

Making it suitable for all free stalls.
The brisket board acts as a guide to safely locate the cow within the free stall. Developed with the help and research of large animal veterinarians. The joint studies ensure the dimensions are correct to allow the cow to act naturally while being located in the optimum position of its bedding.

Free stalls are better accepted by cows world wide with the Poly Pillow.
Research proves that free stalls with the brisket board are better accepted by cows because the cows are able to move and lunge with safety and ease. The gentle curve allows cows to step ahead upon rising and then permit natural leg extensions when lying back down. The contoured design significantly decreases the risk of dew claw injury. Research proves that stalls with brisket board are better accepted by cows because the lunge and move with ease. This simple and easy to use equipment is long lasting and competitively priced.

Brisket Board offers:

  • Promotes the cows natural resting behaviours
  • Encourages longer resting times
  • No claw injuries
  • Increases welfare and milk production
  • Increase bedding comfort and hygiene
  • Reduces labour costs
  • Reduces veterinarian costs
  • Robust material
  • Easy installation


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