AGRIPRO supply all cow barn steel work and are the exclusive developers and owners of the Adjustable FreeStall System.

AGRIPRO are suppliers of cow barn equipment and can supply to and install steel free stall dividers, head locks and water troughs.

The adjustable FreeStall Divider are the best steel hoops on the market.
The unique patented steel free stall dividing hoops design incorporates veterinary science, endless on farm in barn research to the make the best steel free stall divider. The steel hoop that fits around the cow is used in conjunction with best practice stall dimensions. This approach means increased cow welfare and promotes quality milk production. If you are considering the installation of steel hoop free stall dividers, then the AGRIPRO system is the only system you need to consider. Now you can fit the FreeStall divider into any barn scenario and adjust it to your cows through-out their lives.

AGRIPRO Adjustable Free Stall Dividers offer:

  • Freedom to adjust
  • Design based on veterinary science
  • Galvanized steel
  • Easy installation


Call AGRIPRO to discuss your steel free stall divider needs today on 0800 48 36 36.