Galebreaker® VVS® and VentLogic® Controllers provide modern ventilation and environmental management, using very simple to very sophisticated automated systems. A modern side curtain system designed to provide optimum ventilation control for livestock. Cable or torque tube systems opening from the top. Manual, electric and fully automated versions available.

Galebreaker®  has experience in designing and providing controls that create the ideal stress free rearing environment, allowing your cows to reach their optimum genetic potential. which is absolutely essential for successful and profitable dairy husbandry. All too often dairy barns are over ventilated during cold periods and under ventilated in hotter times. Galebreaker® controls can give you peace of mind knowing that their controls will sense sudden temperature swings, strong winds, heavy rains and then adjust automatically. Products are available for dairy, dry-stock, swine, poultry and equine housing.

Galebreaker® have taken a modular approach when designing the VVS system. As a result each VVS can be specifically tailored to suit individual customer needs. VVS systems can be supplied for simple low-budget manually operated installations to fully automated weather controlled multi-curtain multi-building applications.


Galebreaker®  Variable Ventilation controls feature:

  • Total control of ventilation and weather protection in livestock buildings, fully automated using VentLogic controllers which respond to changes in weather conditions and temperature
  • Maximum weather protection combined with optimum ventilation maintains a healthy environment for livestock including cattle and pigs
  • Used in combination with Galebreaker® Light Ridge for total ventilation ‘active building’ control
  • Better light penetration than Yorkshire boarding or space boarding
  • Patented system with registered design components
  • Auto Wind & Rain Sensors


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