The best most recent innovation in livestock ventilation is the very large ALISEO fan.

Production is affected when there is a repetition of abrupt temperature swings. Properly designed ventilation will moderate or eliminate the abrupt temperature swings offering the animal the sensation of cooling under hot conditions and warming under cold conditions

Aliseo is very efficient and quiet in operation. The scope of air that produce Aliseo involves an area of diameter equal to its diameter +2.5 times the mounting height. It is clear even to the not “experts” in the industry, that the area affected on the ground, by the cone produced by Aliseo, is not fixed exactly at the point indicated in the technical tables, but runs along the floor of the ambience, still for meters and meters. Farmers also notice a significant drop in flies along with much dryer manure packs and alleyways due to this overall air movement.

Aliseo 4 (200,000 m3 / h) has the objective capacity to replace fully the volume of air in a room of mt 50x20xh BMT in just 2 minutes.Installation of Aliseo is simple and does not involve special maintenance or servicing. We can supply control panels for one or more Aliseo and control units for Temperature-Humidity-Wind.

The Secret of Aliseo high volume low speed function, is to move large volumes of air (from top to bottom) with very few revolutions / min. RPM compared to the traditional and common fans, consuming 0.75 kW / h. The maximum yield / saving you driving through inverter his engine.

AGRICOW® Aliseo fans offer:

  • Warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer
  • Airflows from 200,000 m3 / h 
  • Maximum rotation speed 93 RPM
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Variable speeds through control panel
  • – Low energy consumption


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